Taking care of Pets (and people) is what we do. These are times to be cautious to protect all the pet lovers out there. So because of that we will be making some changes at WRAHC.

WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS!! None of that is changing now. (and even if things do eventually change in Shawnee county Pet health is considered “Essential” so we should not have to close in the foreseeable future)

We will move to CURBSIDE CONCIERGE SERVICE! (sounds nice right??)

This will allow us to take great care of pets and also make sure we are practicing social distancing to the best of our abilities. Pets need their parents (and healthcare team) to be safe and healthy and this is an easy way to help that happen.

What does that mean to you?? No clients will be allowed on the building. (and If your pet has special requirements we will work out specifics for individual pets) When you get here call from your phone and we will take care of your needs. If that is to pick up food or meds we will take care of the transaction over the phone and deliver the food to your car. If you are leaving your pet with us for the day we will discuss the plan for the day, and get good phone numbers to call you. Then we will be out to get your pet from the car. If you have an appointment, we will come and get your pet. We can bring you a soda or coffee for you to enjoy while you wait. Once your pet is inside we will examine and evaluate whatever we need to. Then we can call or facetime with you so you know what Dr. Weisshaar recommends.

I know this is a different model for all of us. We know that there is so much uncertainty out there right now. But please know that you can be CERTAIN that we are here for you and your pet. We are here to answer questions and help. We are here to make sure that you have a pet resource.

Thank you for your understanding. Things in this area are quickly evolving, as situations change we will reach out to you and let you know.

Right now life is pretty scary? confusing?? weird??

YES – it’s all those things and more. We want to let you know some accurate information to help you navigate these times. Pets are wonderful!! No one can debate that fact! They are a part of your family that is excited for all the closings and reduction in activities.

Here is a link for more information from the American Veterinary Medical Association that gets updated often (because the information is changing on all fronts rapidly).

Things to know:

  • Pets CANNOT transmit the COVID-19.
  • Nor can they be carriers.
  • Wiping your pets with a disinfectant is not only not needed, but it could make them sick. PLEASE contact our office for any questions!!
  • Pets can have a wonderful calming effect, so there is no need to do any social distancing from our furry family.

What is WRAHC doing to keep up with everything?

Well, the cleaner that we routinely use to disinfect the hospital will take care of this virus! So we have increased the frequency of cleaning our already top-notch facility.

We understand that your pets are important and you want to take care of them – but you want to keep your distance if you can. Please know we are happy to keep your pet here for the day and minimize time in the exam rooms.

We are happy to take payment over the phone and run your pet (or pet food and other supplies) out to your car.

Please don’t let a problem wait because you don’t want to leave your house! We can talk over the phone to discuss certain symptoms and maybe even see pictures of a problem to help determine the need to get your pet evaluated.

We are here to be a resource for you during all the craziness. DON’T believe everything you read on Facebook, IG, or what a neighbor told you. REACH OUT to us for help. We are here to make sure that your pet is well taken care of during these confusing times.

(And we KNOW you understand this – but if YOU are not feeling well we encourage you to stay at home, to reschedule if you have an elective appointment for your pet.)

Take care of yourself. Be well. Be aware. Be helpful to others with your decision making.