Are you planning a vacation and are worried about who will take care of your dog or cat? We offer comprehensive pet boarding services for overnight and beyond. We know you want the best for your pets, especially when you need to go away for business or pleasure. You can enjoy your getaway while our trained professionals take care of your pets in a clean, AAHA-accredited, and modern facility.

Don’t want to rely on a pet sitter to come over to your house? No problem! With our pet boarding services, there are no keys to leave or strangers walking into your home. Plus, our fully-staffed team is always available to give your pet the attention and love they deserve. We’ll do whatever we can to make sure that your dog or cat is happy, safe, and healthy during their stay.

Pet Boarding Details
  • Dogs are taken outside 2 – 3 times daily in our fenced-in yard.
  • You can always purchase extra playtime for your pet for more pet enrichment.
  • We feed Science Diet brand food. (You are welcome to bring their food from home if needed.) In addition, we are happy to open any specialty diets we carry in-house and put it on your account, then feed them to your pet and send the remaining food home with you.
  • For Cats: We provide food, bedding, bowls, litter boxes, and pet houses that give cats the privacy they need.
  • We provide pet bowls and bedding for all pets. And of course, you can bring their own to make our facility feel more like home!
  • We can administer medications and injections if medically necessary. Any medications must be brought in their original containers with prescription labeling and instructions.
  • Our Fear Free certified staff helps pets stay relaxed and calm during their stay.
  • We use appropriate doses of Adaptil and Feliway to calm your anxious pet if needed.
  • Bathing is offered before your pet goes home with you.
Pet Boarding in Topeka, KS
Topeka Pet Boarding
Rely on Our Pet Boarding Services and Enjoy Your Vacation!

Topeka veterinarian provides comprehensive pet boarding services at our trusted animal hospital. We do more than simply meet your pets’ basic needs – We make their time here fun and memorable.
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