It’s a fact that for every year you age, your pet ages an average of 7 years. To keep your pet in good physical condition and help them live a long, happy life, it is recommended that you bring them in at least once a year for a comprehensive exam.

Topeka KS Pet Wellness Exams

Why Does My Pet Need a Pet Wellness Exam?

Both dogs and cats require regular checkups, just like we humans do. Even if you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary and they seem in good health, it is best to refrain from second-guessing. A wellness exam helps to keep your feline friend or canine companion in optimal shape.

If there are any medical conditions that exist, a once or twice-yearly exam can help to detect and treat them before they become worse. It is also an ideal time to ask questions about your pet’s health and discuss their lifelong health outlook.

Pet Wellness Exams in Topeka KSWhat is Included in a Pet Wellness Exam?

When our staff performs a wellness exam, we will do a full-body physical check:

  • Weight – We will weigh your dog or cat on each visit. Then we will determine if your pet is at a normal weight or if they need nutrition or physical exercise recommendations.
  • Eyes – We will check your pet’s eyes for redness and any other irregularities. If you have an older pet, we will look for cataracts.
  • Skin – Your pet’s coat is a general indicator of their health. For instance, if they have shiny, soft fur, it may mean that they are in optimal health. If their coat is dull and coarse, it could be an indication of a medical condition.
  • Ears – Your veterinarian will examine your pet’s ears for any signs of infection or mites.
  • Mouth – We will check your dog or cat’s mouth for any signs of abnormal smells, discharge, or appearance. This, along with regular teeth brushings, helps to keep periodontal disease at bay.
  • Heart and lungs – Your pet will be checked for any unordinary sounds or murmurs in their heart and lungs.

During your pet’s wellness exam, our staff may also perform a heartworm check or other tests such as blood work or stool testing. We will also take care of any x-rays needed. A full body review is included with each pet, no matter their age. Your veterinarian will check your pet’s entire body including legs and anal sacs, and note any pain or lumps present.

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